Michael Cheng headshot

Michael Cheng

Chief Legal Officer, Aalyria Technologies

“Open source’s role in accelerating the product velocity of modern computing cannot be understated. We continue to be excited by the pace at which the technological and organizational infrastructure continues to be built out”

Michael is a former network engineer, M&A attorney, product manager and Head of Open Source at Facebook

Most recently, Michael was Vice President, Head of Corporate, M&A and IP at Dapper Labs, where led Dapper’s corporate strategy, M&A activities and their venture practice. Previously at Facebook, Michael led the team defining the vision, strategy and execution for open source products, programs and partnerships.

Michael has also served on the board Linux Foundation, and led the creation of dozens of open source tech foundations, such as the eBPF Foundation, GraphQL Foundation, Entgo Foundation, Reactive Foundation, ML Commons (Treasurer), Confidential Computing Consortium (Board Member), Urban Computing Foundation (Board Member), OpenChain (Board Member), Open Invention Network Technical Advisory Committee (Member), Magma Foundation (Board Chair) and the Presto Foundation.

Michael currently also sits on the advisory boards of Aalyria Technologies, a recent Google spin-out, and mBition GmbH, the technology incubator of Daimler AG.