Kris Bondi headshot

Kris Bondi

CEO & Co-founder, Mimoto

“After years of confusion and misinformation, I expect 2023 to be the year the greater community realises open source has the ability to be more secure, not less, than its closed source counterparts. I expect this realization will drive even great use and acceptance of open source in life-critical infrastructure and services.”

Kris Bondi is the CEO and Co-founder of Mimoto, a cybersecurity company that detects and responds to active system-level breaches in real time. Prior to founding Mimoto, Kris served as a CMO and consultant to cutting-edge startups, Fortune 100 organisations, and government entities.

Kris contributed to seven acquisitions and two IPO filings. A frequent writer and speaker on business strategy, technology developments, and cybersecurity, she’s best known for establishing “serverless” as a movement and category.

Among her career highlights: as a junior reporter, she covered Nelson Mandela’s first speech in the United States.