Peter Zaitsev


Cloud of Serfdom vs Cloud of Freedom: why open source will win in the Cloud age

Platform Engineering
Wednesday, February 8 • 2:30pm-3:00pm GMT
Fleming, 3rd Floor
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Cloud of Serfdom vs Cloud of Freedom: why open source will win in the Cloud age

Cloud and Open Source have a very intricate relationship! In this talk we will look at the history of how the impact of Cloud on Open Source changed through the years, examine the current state as well as make a case for a particular way to use Cloud and Open Source Together. If you cherish the values of Open Source – you will do well by using Cloud as Commodity Infrastructure Provider and run Open Source Software on top of it. Consider Kubernetes in particular as your API of choice with its ubiquitous availability among all major public cloud providers and private cloud software vendors. We will show what while this ecosystem may not be as mature as proprietary solution from cloud vendors it is moving rapidly and becoming a great fit for more and more situations.


Peter Zaitsev is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Percona. As one of the foremost experts on Open Source strategy and database optimization, Peter leveraged both his technical vision and entrepreneurial skills to grow Percona from a two-person shop to one of the most respected open source companies in the business. Now Peter continues as a Board Member & Advisor in a range of open source startups. Peter is a co-author of High Performance MySQL: Optimization, Backups, and Replication, one of the most popular books on MySQL performance.


“Likely Economic Slowdown in many parts of the world will re-ignite attention to Open Source typically offering more cost effective solutions, even though requiring more elbow grease”.