Rebecca Rumbul

Executive Director & CEO
Rust Foundation

The Role of Foundations in securing Open Source

Security, Keynote
Wednesday February 8th, 10:35am-11:05am GMT
Churchill, Groundfloor
Rebecca Rumbul

The Role of Foundations in Securing Open Source

Achieving a secure space across the Open Source ecosystem is a huge task, and there are frequently gaps that emerge between volunteer interest and market investment that frustrate attempts to improve security overall. This talk will focus on how Open Source Foundations are key to identifying and plugging these gaps, and how relatively low investment at this level can have big beneficial impacts on security across ecosystems as a whole.  


Rebecca is the Executive Director and CEO of the Rust Foundation, a global non-profit stewarding the Rust language, supporting maintainers, and ensuring that Rust is safe, secure, and sustainable for the future. She holds a PhD in Politics and Governance, and has worked as a consultant and researcher with governments, parliaments and development agencies all over the world, advocating for openness and transparency, and developing tools to improve digital participation. In addition to her full-time and consultancy roles, Rebecca is a Non-Executive Director and Council Member for the UK Advertising Standards Authority, and a Trustee of the Hansard Society.