Kevin Lewis

Developer Relations Lead

What does it mean to make open data accessible?

Open Data
Tuesday February 7th, 4:35pm-4:55pm GMT
St. James, 4th Floor
kevin lewis

What does it mean to make open data accessible?

Making data available is a key part of being transparent, whether that’s in your organization, to your stakeholders, civic technologists, or a non-technical citizen.

Publishing data is a great first step, but we can do better to serve each of these groups and enable them to fully and critically assess information available.

In this talk, we will discuss the needs of each group and what you can do to build your practice of trust and transparency in a meaningful way. We’ll also discuss how to make data accessible to those with disabilities, ensuring everyone has equal access to information.


Kevin runs Developer Relations at Directus and is Director of You Got This – a learning hub to help developers improve their core skills. He is an avid boardgamer, tired dad, and shameless Disney adult. He is based in Berlin with his partner and two kids.