Dan Benitah

Group Manager in Software Engineering and IoT

Green Software Principles and embedding Carbon Awareness in your applications

Platform Engineering
Wednesday February 8th, 10:55am-11:25am GMT
Fleming, 3rd Floor
Dan Benitah
What is Green Software? How can it be applied in practice? What principles should you follow? These are some of the questions the Green Software Foundation helps answer, by building a trusted ecosystem of people, standards, tooling and best practices for Green software. This session aims to explain the Principles of Green Software: https://principles.green/, which sit at the core of Green Software Engineering. It will give you and introduction to the Green Software Foundation and its most recent developments, with a deeper dive into one of the principles known as Demand Shaping or Carbon Awareness and the tool aimed at developing carbon aware applications – the Carbon Aware SDK.


Dan Benitah is group manager at Avanade UK with a full stack software engineering background, now specialising in IoT and green software.

He is passionate about developing environmental friendly solution for the smart home.

He also now manages 2 solar (roof tops) farms 😀