Amanda Kamin

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Digital Catapult

“For 2023 I predict and am excited by an increase in open source community participation, both by individuals and large corporations. I believe we will also see growth in open source consideration, and that this will be framed in terms of supply chain resilience.”

A senior corporate reputation specialist with 20 years’ marketing and communications experience, Amanda Kamin is Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for Digital Catapult, the UK’s authority on advanced digital technology. Having worked in international organisations (Motorola, Visa Europe and VisionFund) and within the UK public sector (Food From Britain) both in agency and in-house roles, she has broad experience across a range of markets and audiences. Amanda is skilled in multichannel oversight, leadership communications and quality content generation.

Amanda’s previous role in VisionFund International’s Senior Executive Team, gave her a deep understanding of the impact of funding for fledgling startups as she supported World Vision’s microfinance arm across 30 markets.

Amanda was also a Trustee of Community Risk Services in Lambeth, the UK’s first council-facilitated insurance offering to community groups and not-for-profits, and a Board Director of the Financial Inclusion Forum. Amanda is currently on the board of the Margaret Pyke Trust, a charity providing sexual health training to medical professionals in the UK and Africa; she is also the  Director of the All Aboard Club charity, a not-for-profit that organises events for children with autism and ADHD.