Matthew Yonkovit

Head of Open Source Strategy

The Villains Guide to How to lose your community

Government, Law & Policy
Tuesday February 7th, 4:00pm-4:25pm GMT
Westminster, 4th Floor

matthew yonkovit

The Villains Guide to How to lose your community

Building a strong open source community is critical to growing a successful project or business. There are many guides, suggestions, and experts in starting, growing, and building your community… but there are none for how to destroy it! Whether intentionally, inadvertently, or through subterfuge, there are proven ways to not only stunt community growth but cause large communities to abandon a project or technology in droves! During this talk I will show you how projects, companies, and communities can be slowly dismantled, slowly bringing your user base to zero.  

Come join me and learn about the secret community destroying weapons of super villains the world over! You too can become a certified evil community destroying supervillain! Certificate available at the end of our session!


Matt has been kicking around the open source ecosystem for over 20 years working at companies like MySQL AB, Percona, MatterMost, StreamNative, and now at Scarf.  Matt is passionate about open source and has been the host of several open source related podcast and shows including the Hacking Open Source Business Podcast, the OpenUK’s podcasts, and the HOSS talks Foss.