Mauricio Salatino

OSS Software Engineer @Diagrid working on @DaprDev and @KnativeProject

Building OSS Developer Experiences for the Cloud

Platform Engineering
Wednesday, February 8 • 4:45pm-5:25pm GMT
Fleming, 3rd floor

Building OSS Developer Experiences for the Cloud

By relying on the cloud (and cloud providers) companies can save a lot of time and money, but building developer experiences that can work across cloud providers has proven to be difficult. This presentation focuses on leveraging the CNCF ecosystem and Kubernetes to build developer experience (and internal development platforms) to enable your teams to be more productive while relying on open-source tools. This presentation includes a live demo and the use of several CNCF projects.


Knative Steering Committee member for the Knative Project, Knative Functions Co-Lead, and working on the project at @Diagrid. Manning Book Author: Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes. Previously I worked at VMware and Red Hat building tools to help developers be more productive.