Mike Bursell

CEO, Profian

What’s the big deal with Confidential Computing?

Wednesday, February 8 • 11:10am-11:40am GMT
Churchill, Ground floor
Mike Bursell

What's the big deal with Confidential Computing?

In this session, we will introduce attendees to Confidential Computing and how it encrypts “data in use” within a secure hardware environment called a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) by restricting access to the applications running on a host to the CPU only. Attendees will also learn how our team combines the power of open source Enarx technology with our third-party attestation service to achieve encrypted workloads using a vendor, language, and hardware-neutral platform.


Mike Bursell is the CEO of Profian and cofounder of Enarx, an open source security deployment framework. He is on the governing board of the Confidential Computing Consortium and the Bytecode Alliance and was previously Chief Security Architect at Red Hat. Mike is the author of “Trust in Computer Systems and the Cloud,” and maintains his long-running security blog, Alice, Eve & Bob.