Chris Lloyd-Jones

Head of Open Technologies

The Road to Sustainability With Open Technology – EV Charging

Government, Law & Policy
Wednesday February 8th, 10:35am-11:15am GMT
Westminster, 4th Floor
Chris Lloyd Jones

The Road to Sustainability with Open Technology - EV Charging

Launching OpenUK’s second Blueprint for Sustainability and Open Technology, following its Data Centre Blueprint Patchwork Kilt, this session will look at the content of the EV Charging Blueprint and challenges faced in creating a blueprint and using Open Technology in the EV Charging Arena. The Blueprint process has involved engagement with enterprise, individual experts and across the UK and Devolved Governments.
There will be a particular focus on Standards and the Open Charge Alliance’s Open Standard “OCPP” (Open Charge Point Protocol) standard across the discussion.


Chris is the Head of Open Technologies at Avanade and a Microsoft MVP. Chris is a technologist, with a legal background; and a burning passion for Open Technologies, Service Design, and Sustainability – which he channels into contributions at the Green Software Foundation.

Previously, Chris led Avanade’s Emerging Technology team with a focus on training others on topics as varied as the Internet of Things to Quantum Computing… along with as a dark past creating open-source browser-based online games in the early 2000s…

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