Debbie Wood

Independent Contractor

Help! I need a PaaS experience on k8s, yesterday!

Platform Engineering
Tuesday February 7th, 4:00pm-4:40pm GMT
Fleming, 3rd Floor
debbie wood

Help! I need a PaaS experience on k8s, yesterday!

Come and learn about a platform engineering team, who successfully built a platform as a service experience for app Devs, on kubernetes by weaving together open source technologies, and hard won wisdom. This, at a tech unicorn startup in record time.

Composed of standards, conventions, some vendor software and mostly familiar open source tooling used in clever ways – we went from idea to production within 6 months, and enabled repeatability – a means to quickly create and maintain new production environments.

We found the balance between developer autonomy and creating helpful guardrails. We also supported all application development teams in R&D to significantly adjust their software development lifecycle successfully, at speed, while still shipping customer value.


Debbie is a product manager specialising in the cloud platforms/infrastructure domain. With 16 years experience as a senior software engineer, she was drawn to product management after her Master’s degree, and found her niche in platform engineering.  She has supported teams building internal platforms on Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes for the past 6 years, and loves making problems go away.