Martin Hickey

Senior Software Engineer

Clear Your Own Path to Open Source Maintainer

Platform Engineering
Wednesday, February 8 • 1:00pm-1:40pm GMT
Fleming, 3rd floor
martin hickey

Clear Your Own Path to Open Source Maintainer

How many times have you heard the phrases “chop wood and carry water,” “look for the good first issues,” “triage the issues queue,” or “introduce yourself to the community”? Open Source projects throw around these phrases as if they are the panacea for getting from contributor to maintainer. They can only help if you know what they mean! Demystifying the path to leadership in Open Source is imperative to the industry because we can’t grow if we aren’t welcoming the next generation of contributors to our projects with clear and inclusive language.

People need guidance and support when climbing from the valley of becoming a new contributor to the zenith of maintainer. In this presentation I cover tips and trick on how to conquer that journey.


Martin works on the Open Technology team at IBM focusing on open source software. He is a regular contributor to open source and a core maintainer for Helm. He has also contributed previously to the OpenStack and Elastic communities. Martin enjoys speaking at conferences and meet-ups. He has many years’ experience in the creation of enterprise software for different industries, from Telcos to Cloud.