David Aronchick

Head of Compute over Data
Protocol Labs

Bacalhau: Transforming Data through Open Compute

Open Hardware
Wednesday February 8th, 4:00pm – 4:30pm GMT
Burton/Redgrave, 2nd Floor

david Aronchick
Processing data has always been a centralized affair. As the amount of data grows, it necessitates larger numbers of machines, faster storage, and wider network interconnects in order to get insights from what was collected. Unfortunately, the number of devices and places providing signal has grown much faster than the ability to move this data around. IDC says by 2025, we will have 125 zettabytes of information meaning no matter how fast the compute and storage gets, bandwidth constraints will limit the ability to process results. This means this valuable data is siloed and, often, valuable signal is lost.

Enter a decentralized compute network. By pushing jobs to IoT, edge, fog, and decentralized datacenters, where the data is collected, we can transform and improve the way data pipelines are executed. Adopting a new compute platform that augments, not replaces, existing workflows will provide significant speed improvements, cost savings, and security benefits.

Project Bacalhau is a new open source project designed to make building, orchestrating, and executing decentralized workloads over data easy. Starting just last year, Bacalhau has already made tremendous progress with thousands of jobs being executed every day. With luck, and our energetic community, we hope that we can change the way that not only data is processed, but collaboration and sharing of the results is possible.


David leads Compute over Data at Protocol Labs, helping, deploying and organizing the community building the next generation of the Internet.

Previously, he led Open Source Machine Learning Strategy at Azure, product management for Kubernetes on behalf of Google, launched Google Kubernetes Engine, and co-founded the Kubeflow (https://kubeflow.org/) project and the SAME (https://sameproject.ai/) project. He has also worked at Amazon, Chef and co-founded three startups.

When not spending too much time in service of electrons, he can be found on a mountain (on skis), traveling the world (via restaurants) or participating in kid activities, of which there are a lot more than he remembers than when he was that age.