Luc Burnip

Senior Consultant

How Effective Platform Enginnering enables Sustainability

Platform Engineering
Wednesday February 8th, 11:30am-12:00pm GMT
Fleming, 3rd Floor
luc burnip

Why do we need to focus on Sustainability?
Why are we placing the spotlight specifically on end-to-end software delivery?
Why and how can we create a Sustainable Delivery pipeline, considering key aspects of platform delivery, including design, development, optimisation and operations.

We view sustainability as an agent for incremental change, emphasising realistic objectives, potential challenges and cultural and organisational opportunities, such as alignment with cost optimisation. 

The objective of this presentation is to share learning in this area with a wide technology community, to act as an agent of change. We will highlight lessons learned, challenges faces and aim to promote further discussion. Typically sustainable technology focuses on hardware and data centre improvements, we aim to provide a wider perspective, looking at the entire application lifecycle.



Luc Burnip is a Senior Consultant within EY’s Digital Labs team, within technology consulting focusing on Architecture, innovation, technology delivery and sustainable technology.

Previously Luc has worked as an Associate Architect for DXC Technology, specialising in modern applications delivery.

Luc has previously steered DXCs strategy, where he has been a key contributor in DXCs Modern Architecture initiative to standardise architecture artefacts across the organisation.

Luc is a passionate advocate for sustainability in IT and has played a key role in playing DXCs ESG Strategy. Luc has also been involved with DXCs Research organisation to look at where the future of sustainable delivery lies and how DXC can provide impactful value in this changing market.