Rao Lakkakula

Product Security Director
JPMorgan Chase

Open Source Supply Chain Security For Enterprises

Wednesday February 8th, 1:45pm-2:15pm GMT
Churchill, Ground Floor
Rao Lakkakula
This session focuses on securing software supply chain from a large enterprise perspective where there are multiple type of supply chains are in play that includes open-source, vendor, SaaS along with internally developed software supply chain. With Focus on Open Source Supply Chain, this talk goes over strategies to scale security of supply chain for enterprises. We also cover importance of SBOM and how to operationalize SBOMs in large enterprises.


Rao Lakkakula is Head of Product Security at JPMorgan Chase with focus on developer security. Rao has 20+ years of expertise in security and software development with roles spanning from strategy, engineering, risk management, and business intelligence. His prior experience includes Security leadership positions in Climate Corp, Amazon, and various Startups. He also serves on the Board of Open-Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) that focuses on improving Security of Open-Source Software eco system.