Tim Telford

CTO & Co-founder
Devtank Ltd

Journey to Net Zero using OpenSmartMonitor

Open Hardware
Wednesday, February 8 • 11:25am – 12:00pm GMT
Burton/Redgrave, 2nd Floor

Tim Telford

Journey to Net Zero using OpenSmartMonitor

At Devtank we are focused on sustainability and helping to build a circular economy. We are already installing energy management systems into businesses and local authorities, with our product Open Smart Monitor (ENV01). A single wireless LoRaWAN based sensor can measure multiple parameters including:

• Temperature

• Humidity

• Air Quality

• Light level

• Sound Levels

• Water Consumption

• Gas Consumption

• Electricity Consumption

• Carbon Emissions

In this talk we will present the journey to realise an open hardware, software and data solution. This includes the recent work we have done with Dr Brunno Gallotta and the University of Derby Decarbonise team to deploy into local businesses with a live demo of several smart factories.


Tim is a Hardware engineer with a diverse skill set and highly motivated self starter. Co-founder of Devtank Ltd a fast growing open source test and measurement company developing innovative and disruptive products in the market place. He is passionate about design detail and experienced in high reliability solutions for the Aerospace, Energy, Defence, Telecoms and Nuclear industries. Tim is an expert in a number of open source tools such as KiCad and offers training to others.

Tim has been instrumental in bringing a number of open source products to market based on Linux single board computers (Rasbberry Pi) and other embedded solutions, and when he’s not doing it for a living he is creating projects for fun at home. Applications have ranged from innovative EV charging solutions for the consumer market to production test solutions on the OneWeb satellite programme.