Ruddy Vincent

Senior Advisor, Data and Digital Solutions

Harnessing the power of open source to achieve industry wide data standardisation for capital markets

Open Data
Wednesday, February 8 • 5:00pm – 5:30pm GMT
St James, 4th Floor

ruddy vincent

Harnessing the power of open source to achieve industry wide data standardisation for capital markets

Data is the life blood of many industries but it plays a vital role in the financial services and particularly capital markets world. As the industry drastically accelerates the pace of open collaboration, we will discuss how the industry is embracing open data collaboration to drive true industry wide standardisation.

Not only we’ll hear it from Goldman Sachs, maintainer of the Legend open source data modeling platform, but we’ll hear why established global industry bodies like ICMA, ISDA and ISLA have decided to open source their Common Domain Model, the global standard representing financial products and their lifecycle, into FINOS, the Fintech Open Source Foundation, the Linux Foundation project building open collaboration bridges across Wall Street, the City of London and the global financial industry.


Dr. Ruddy Vincent is Senior Advisor for Data and Digital Solutions at ISDA. As a digital transformation agent, he leads the execution of global industry projects leveraging the Common Domain Model, a free and open-access global digital data model that standardises how financial transactions are represented, traded, managed, and processed across their trade lifecycle.

As a former academic with experience in operational and regulatory transformations in capital markets, Ruddy is an advocate for the standardization and automation of efficient banking processes underpinned by robust data management frameworks. He chairs or provides advisory support at various industry working groups and forums.

As a technologist at heart, Ruddy is keen on new digital technology solutions with game changing impact within the financial services industry and related infrastructures e.g. Distributed Ledger Technology, Digital Regulatory Reporting, Machine Executable and Executable Business Logic, Automatable Standardised Legal Agreement.