Ben Dooks

Software Engineer

Automated Testing with Open Source Hardware

Open Hardware
Wednesday February 8, 2023 4:30pm – 4:55pm GMT
Burton/Redgrave, 2nd Floor

ben dooks

Automated Testing with Open Source Hardware

At Codethink we’re focused on automation and we’re focused on open source.

As part of our efforts to automate testing on embedded Linux projects (in our case, large automotive projects), we wanted to be able to programmatically switch between different USB ports. For example, to switch from an empty port to a port with a new system image, or to mimic plugging in a USB device such as a smart phone.

We couldn’t find a suitable, cost effective or open-source solution, so we decided to develop one ourselves.

In this talk we will introduce the USB Switch: a feature rich, bi-directional USB-C switch. We’ll go into detail on the features and the typical use cases.


Ben is a senior engineer at Codethink, a leading opensource software consultancy, specialising in low level Linux kernel and related tooling with a long history of contributing to open projects and enabling customers to use open code.

Contributions to Linux kernel include early Samsung ARM support, general fixes for a number of systems and recently working with SiFive on their latest core enablement.