Emily Campbell-Ratcliffe

Head of AI Assurance

Trust me – trust my (open) data: The role of standards in data and data processes

Open Data
Wednesday, February 8 • 10:00am-10:30am GMT
St. James, 4th floor

Emily Campbell-Ratcliffe

Trust me - trust my (open) data: The role of standards in data and data processes

An essential part of persuading people about the benefits of open data is giving them assurance that the data is reliable, of high quality and maintained properly. And that the people responsible for it (and the processes they use) are trustworthy.

Trust in data and data processes (across the whole data spectrum) also has the potential to unlock great value for the economy, society, and the environment, by improving public services and increasing efficiency and effectiveness in business. So what needs to happen next in the data ecosystem to ensure that open data (and data across the spectrum) can be trusted?

Join our panel discussion to understand more about data assurance, and how building trust in data and data practices can support people, organisations, and the wider economy.


Emily Campbell-Ratcliffe is Head of AI Assurance at the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI), a DCMS directorate that works on enabling responsible innovation in AI and data driven technologies. Emily leads the CDEI’s efforts to support the growth of an ethical, trustworthy, and ultimately effective AI assurance ecosystem in the UK. She is also part of the OECD.AI network of experts, contributing to their Working Group on Classification and Risk. Previously, she was a lead for the Centre’s AI monitoring function, looking at emerging transformative technologies, and has published work on the responsible publication of AI research, and how to manage its risks.