Kevin Keith

UK Open Government Network

Trust me – trust my (open) data: The role of standards in data and data processes

Open Data
Wednesday, February 8 • 10:00am-10:30am GMT
St. James, 4th floor

Kevin Keith

Trust me - trust my (open) data: The role of standards in data and data processes

An essential part of persuading people about the benefits of open data is giving them assurance that the data is reliable, of high quality and maintained properly. And that the people responsible for it (and the processes they use) are trustworthy.

Trust in data and data processes (across the whole data spectrum) also has the potential to unlock great value for the economy, society, and the environment, by improving public services and increasing efficiency and effectiveness in business. So what needs to happen next in the data ecosystem to ensure that open data (and data across the spectrum) can be trusted?

Join our panel discussion to understand more about data assurance, and how building trust in data and data practices can support people, organisations, and the wider economy.


Kevin chairs the UK Open Government Network (UK OGN). For over a decade, the UK OGN has connected reformers from outside of government to those inside, to co-create policy comments for the UK National Action Plan for Open Government. This advances transparent, participatory, inclusive, and accountable governance as part of the 76 country Open Government Partnership (OGP)

Previously a company director of GovHack, the southern hemisphere’s largest open data hackathon, Kevin is a published writer and speaker on matters relating to trust and open data, and has drafted words for senior political figures (including former prime ministers) on strengthening democracy.