Dr. Bruno Gallotta

University of Derby

Journey to Net Zero using OpenSmartMonitor

Open Hardware
Wednesday, February 8 • 11:25am – 12:00pm GMT
Burton/Redgrave, 2nd Floor

Bruno Gallotta

Journey to Net Zero using OpenSmartMonitor

At Devtank we are focused on sustainability and helping to build a circular economy. We are already installing energy management systems into businesses and local authorities, with our product Open Smart Monitor (ENV01). A single wireless LoRaWAN based sensor can measure multiple parameters including:

• Temperature

• Humidity

• Air Quality

• Light level

• Sound Levels

• Water Consumption

• Gas Consumption

• Electricity Consumption

• Carbon Emissions

In this talk we will present the journey to realise an open hardware, software and data solution. This includes the recent work we have done with Dr Brunno Gallotta and the University of Derby Decarbonise team to deploy into local businesses with a live demo of several smart factories.


Dr Bruno Gallotta is a researcher and business consultant with a strong background in sustainable operations, sustainable supply chains, and business consulting. Bruno holds a Ph.D. in Sustainable Business Operations from the University of Derby and has published papers related to sustainable business operations, business support in the SME context, and eco-innovation. Bruno is a researcher Digital Innovation for Productivity for the University of Derby ERDF Innovate 4 Rail Project, providing business support to SMEs in the rail industry in the D2N2 region. He is currently working on topics related to sustainability strategy, Circular Economy applied to supply chains, and innovation applied to SMEs with a focus on waste management, energy efficiency, and sustainable transport.