By buying bare land, and planting it, one can achieve a net gain in trees and net positive impact – in terms of carbon sequestration and biodiversity and environmental benefits.  These include:

  • Sinking carbon from the atmosphere into the ground
  • Creating habitats for wildlife
  • Increasing Air Quality
  • Reducing the risk of flooding by slowing down the speed that water drains off the land
  • Preventing soil erosion
  • Providing space for personal wellbeing and enjoyment
  • Creating a legacy for future generations to enjoy
Field with saplings
Pond with trees around it
Field with trees around it

Woodlands.co.uk are making re-wilding happen on the ground by planting trees and by helping their customers return marginal and ex-agricultural land to woodland, where it once would have stood for thousands of years.

We work with individuals, families, companies and organisations looking to plant their own woodlands by offering suitable land, providing advice and the canvas upon which they can create the woodlands of tomorrow.

For organisations interested in carbon fixing and offsetting, planting their own trees on UK soil is a better solution than international carbon credit schemes, enabling them to own a tangible asset which benefits UK wildlife and biodiversity and all those who visit and enjoy the woodland.

OpenUK have championed greener computing which is why we are supporting their conference, ‘State of Open 2023’ as their sustainability partner and will be planting a thousand trees on their behalf – a new deciduous tree here in the UK for every delegate. 

Woodlands.co.uk have already supplied bare land to over 40 companies and families wanting to create new native woodlands. For anyone buying its tree-planting land, Woodlands.co.uk provides a package of support with introductions to local contractors, neighbouring landowners and a pack of useful kit, including a tree-planting spade. Through this initiative over 100,000 trees will have been planted by the end of 2023.