Damian Ondore

With 20 years in open source and cloud infrastructure, Damian Ondore has garnered extensive experience and expertise in the world of Linux, Open Source cloud computing strategy. Damian has worked with clients in a variety of sectors across the Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Finance, and Retail industries, helping customers of organisations such as Appirio, Limelight, Canonical, and over the last 4 years, Google; to navigate the complex terrain of technology and open source with a focus on cost-effectiveness and operational excellence.

Damian’s approach to sales and consulting has been rooted in delivering economic value, uncovering business insights, and identifying new revenue streams. His work has been instrumental in assisting businesses to utilise technology and open source solutions in a manner that ensures certainty and confidence in their investments. Beyond customer engagements, Damian Ondore’s role as Chief Digital Officer at Open UK underscores his deep commitment to fostering open source collaboration and innovation. In this capacity, he leads OpenUK’s Digital Inclusion efforts within UK-based code-schools, working with industry partners to improve the quality and volume of code contributions to Open Source projects.