Michael Cade

Global Field CTO, Veeam Software

Structured Skills: Unleashing Potential with Open Source Learning and 90DaysOfDevOps

Careers & Entrepreneurship


A seasoned technologist with over 20 years of experience in the Ops space. He is currently serving as the Global Field CTO for a leading cloud-native and open-source data protection company. Exploring the world of Cloud, Cloud-Native, DevOps and Open-Source Software software and raising awareness that there is still very much a requirement to protect data and workloads within these platforms.

Author of 90DaysOfDevOps, an Open Learning resource for the community with over 20,000 GitHub Stars sharing structured route to learning the world of DevOps.

Current Project: Up The Stack, a look into the graduated and incubating projects that we see within the CNCF Landscape.