Jamie Slome

OSPO Operations Lead, Citi

DevEx: Making Open Source Contribution Easier for Developers




Jamie Slome joined Citi in November 2022 as the Operations Lead for Citi’s Open Source Program Office (OSPO). He is responsible for implementing developer tooling that supports Citi’s open source contribution initiatives and spearheads the expansion of the Open Source Program Office.

Prior to this, he co-founded and served as Chief Technology Officer at huntr.dev (recently acquired by ProtectAI) – the go-to vulnerability management and responsible disclosure platform for world-renowned open source libraries including vim, draw.io and nuxt.js. He also served as a product owner and security engineer at BT Security, developing threat intelligence and data insight solutions for BT’s global Security Operation Centre (SOC) network.

Jamie graduated from King’s College London with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Subsequently, he authored and published “A Lane Merge Coordination Model for a V2X Scenario”; a paper on autonomous vehicles, 5G and edge-cloud computing in collaboration with Ericsson, Bosch, Volvo and King’s College London. He presented and demonstrated his work at Mobile World Congress alongside Centre Tecnologic de Telecommunications de Catalunya (CTTC).