David Gyulnazaryan

Independent Consultant

How Open Source Data Centres help with environmental and social pillars.

Open Hardware


David based in Nice, France is a Data Centre Decarbonisation and Heat Reuse consultant with many years of experience in district heating, HVAC and data centre cooling. He worked for global heat transfer companies during the last 20 years and has a comprehensive approach for data
centre design.
David is committed to offer technical & ownership consulting services to his clients, with a special focus on the data centre industry and heat reuse applications for
different climates. His support based on carbon footprint analysis and climate profile provide the transparency and avoid the “greenwashing”.
He is well-known for representing the Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) in the EMEA region and active participation in OCP Cooling Environments Project. He is also a member of Technology Committee at Infrastructural Masons (iMasons).