Kim McMahon

Senior Director, Advocacy and Community, FreeBSD Foundation

Open Source Project Growth: The Non-Technical Needs for Driving Project Growth

Open Source


Kim McMahon is well-known in the open source ecosystem as a marketer of open source and growing healthy and productive communities. She is currently at The FreeBSD Foundation leading the Foundation’s advocacy, marketing, and community efforts to develop a go-to-market plan, long term vision for promoting the benefits of FreeBSD, and increasing adoption of FreeBSD with individuals and organizations. Previously, she led the marketing and community activities at several Linux Foundation projects including CNCF and RISC-V, building member participation and end-user ecosystems. She has also worked at organizations large and small such as Cisco and Nirmata leading marketing for open source projects, developer journeys, and community building. She specializes in taking the practitioner on a journey of awareness, project use, community participation, to product use – when they are ready! Community building, breaking down barriers, and uniting are Kim’s drivers.