Lesya Dymyd

Future Technologies Symposium Chair, OCP

Building Data Center industry innovation through collaborative R&D and open source

Open Hardware


Lesya Dymyd, PhD is OCP Future Technologies Symposium (FTS) chair, OCP Startup co-lead and OCP EMEA liaison at the Open Compute Project Foundation, where is in charge of innovation-related programs, projects and partnerships. She specializes in strategy, technology and innovation management and has extensive professional experience in tech industry and academia. She worked for a number of international organizations and in R&D and technological innovation roles. For the last five years she has been an active contributor to the OCP – a global open hardware community that develops innovations for data centers. She is leading the OCP Future Technologies Symposium, a forum to showcase the most recent developments and cutting-edge hardware-software technologies for data centers from the academic, research industry and startup communities.