Zainab Daodu

Founder, Zaycodes

Enhancing Open-Source Development: A Focus on Accessible Documentation

Open Source


Zainab Daodu is a Senior Technical Writer, with experience working for top organizations, where she has significantly improved their documentation & documentation processes. She has also contributed to open source projects like Jenkins & Wikimedia.

As the Open Source Programs Manager for She Code Africa, she spearheaded programs that engaged over 500 African women in open source.

She’s also the Founder of Zaycodes, an organization dedicated to simplifying complex technical concepts into accessible content. Zaycodes launched the WriteTech bootcamp, a game-changer that provides a comprehensive pathway into the dynamic field of technical writing and addresses challenges faced by new tech writers.

Zainab’s dedication to giving back to the community stems from her belief that learning opportunities abound within it. Her insights are shared through various technical and non-technical articles & e-books, reflecting her commitment to promoting knowledge in technical writing and open source.