Colleen Coll

Media Manager


Colleen Coll excels in the vibrant world of tech media as the Account Executive at The Duckbill Group, where she masterfully manages sales and marketing for the influential Last Week in AWS. Not just behind the scenes, Colleen is also the charismatic handler to Corey Quinn, the company’s Chief Cloud Economist, know for his extraordinary insights.

Her talents further shine as the co-host and produce or CloudMavens Live!, a pioneering social media project that brings lively and engaging interviews to audiences globally, directly from tech conference floors.

Before joining The Duckbill Group, Colleen’s journey included impactful roles as a global Event Manager and podcast co-host for The New Stack, and as a Brand Manager for the innovative biotech company, Quantitative Imaging (Qi). Across these roles, her knack for kick-ass storytelling and creating memorable experiences has consistently stood out.

Colleen’s passion for tech, combined with her experience in diverse sectors, fuels her continuous pursuit of new opportunities to craft and share compelling stories that resonate within the tech community and beyond.