Antonia Kerle



Antonia is BBC R&D’s Chief Technical Advisor. She leads an Advisory Team that provides independent, objective advice on how emerging technology will enable the BBC to inform, educate and entertain for the next 100 years. The Advisory team supports R&D and the wider BBC to develop future BBC service offerings, contribute to the creative industries and establish the BBC’s position and relevance on the internet. Antonia chairs Digital Catapult’s BridgeAI Expert Working Group for the Creative Industries and is a member of the Partnership on AI’s Policy Steering Committee. Prior to joining the BBC, Antonia worked at The Economist where she led large-scale research programs for foundations, international organisations, private sector clients and non-profits seeking evidence-based analysis and policy recommendations in areas relating to technology, media and education.

Findings from her research have been presented at UNESCO’s General Assembly, the World Economic Forum, the Royal Society and featured in Reuters, Forbes, The Chronicle of Higher-Education among others.