Daniel Appelquist

Open Source & Open Standards Strategy Director at Snyk
SOOCon25 Advisory Board

“Security is essential for the digital age. Our lives are mediated through digital media – the web and applications – that play a role in everything from finance, the arts, religion, family, our work, our health, our understanding of world events. These digital systems that surround us are all built using open source software. If we want to safeguard privacy and ensure these systems are robust against attack, we need to work together as an industry to ensure these layers of software are as secure as they can be. This will be a key area of investment and growth in 2023.”

Daniel Appelquist is mobile and web industry veteran and immigrant with over 30 years of experience developing innovative and disruptive products, software technologies and standards. He was an early web pioneer, became a dot-com CTO and has since worked for Vodafone, Telefónica, Samsung, The Open Data Institute and the UK Government Digital Service where he helped to develop and refine the Open Standards principles and process. Currently he is Open Source & Open Standards Strategy Director at Snyk, where he leads ecosystem participation projects. He is a member of the UK Government Open Standards Board and he co-chairs the W3C Technical Architecture Group. He toots at @torgo@mastodon.social.

Daniel Appelquist photo