Author name: Michelle Angert

Chaw Thant

Chaw Thant Marketing Intern Bio Meet Chaw, a current MSc. student in Branding and Marketing Communications atMiddlesex University London. Chaw's enthusiasm extends to a genuine interest in socialmarketing. Before embarking on the MSc. journey, Chaw gained practical experience,holding roles such as a Senior Account Manager at Passion Point Media and SeniorMarketing Executive at Unilever Myanmar. […]

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Gabriella Ban

Gabriella Ban MEETUPVIDEO Bio Gabriella Ban is a key member of MEETUPVIDEO, where she skillfully bridges the gap between technology and people through communication and adept recruitment. Her journey into videography, cultivated over the years, enhances her understanding of the company’s core activities, making her contributions invaluable. Armed with a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management Services

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Peter B. Maraczi

Peter B. Maraczi AV Consultant Bio Peter B. Maraczi is the visionary Founder and CEO of MEETUPVIDEO, a worldwide video production company with over 20 years of expertise in bringing innovative visions to life. With a decade of IT troubleshooting experience, Peter offers a unique insight into the technological challenges facing today’s businesses. His background gives

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2024 speaker – Antonio Roberts

Antonio Roberts Artist Bio hellocatfood is the alias of Antonio Roberts, an artist and musician based in Birmingham, UK. For his live performances he uses software including Pure Data to explore the creative potential of algorithms, glitches, and feedback loops. He has provided visuals for the likes of MTV, Com Truise, Blood Sport, Steve Davis,

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2024 plenary – Antonia Kerle

Antonia Kerle Plenary Bio Antonia is BBC R&D’s Chief Technical Advisor. She leads an Advisory Team that provides independent, objective advice on how emerging technology will enable the BBC to inform, educate and entertain for the next 100 years. The Advisory team supports R&D and the wider BBC to develop future BBC service offerings, contribute

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Andy Piper

Andy Piper Speaker Liaison, Open Source Advocate Bio Previously the senior Developer Advocate on Twitter’s API and developer platform for nine years, and prior to that, working in Developer Relations for Cloud Foundry, and with the MQTT lightweight messaging protocol for IoT. Andy spent 10 years consulting on business integration at IBM, and I enabled

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Colleen Coll

Colleen Coll Media Manager Bio Colleen Coll excels in the vibrant world of tech media as the Account Executive at The Duckbill Group, where she masterfully manages sales and marketing for the influential Last Week in AWS. Not just behind the scenes, Colleen is also the charismatic handler to Corey Quinn, the company’s Chief Cloud

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Eunice Hung

Eunice Hung Events Organiser Bio Eunice is an events organiser, project manager, psychotherapist, author, and podcaster. She has been organising Cloud Native London since 2018. She’s also been a community organiser, speaker, and facilitator for around a decade and is a trustee with the UK Polyamory Association.

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2024 plenary – Sarah Novotny

Sarah Novotny  Plenary Bio Sarah Novotny has long been an Open Source champion in projects such as Kubernetes, NGINX and MySQL.  She is part of the Microsoft Azure Office of the CTO, sits on the Linux Foundation  Board of Directors, previously led an Open Source Strategy group at Google and ran large scale technology infrastructures

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2024 plenary – Dr Allan Friedman

Dr Allan Friedman Senior Advisor and Strategist, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Plenary Bio Dr. Allan Friedman is Senior Advisor and Strategist at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. He coordinates the global cross-sector community efforts around software bill of materials (SBOM) and related vulnerability initiatives, and works to advance their adoption inside the US

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