Open Hardware

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Over the past ten years, open innovation and worldwide open collaboration have reached data centres – from chip designs, to servers, to electrical infrastructure and cooling – all being pursued in open collaboration among vendors, service providers and enterprises. 

This movement mirrors what happens at the consumer hardware level – with students at elementary school exposed to programming and small-scale computing devices. The open approach has proven its value to support learning, quickly validate ideas, and more efficiently and effectively address the most difficult problems in computing today. All areas of open hardware will be relevant to this track which will feature a broad range discussion. 

The sessions in this track will present success stories, problem statements, and collaboration opportunities with incredible leverage and worldwide impact. 

As with all tracks in 2024, this track will include AI openness and the benefits and challenges of this relevant to track topics.

This year’s CFP is now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted content this year.  Our CFP Committees are busy reviewing all of the submissions and we aim to announce the conference schedule by 15th December.

Allison Randal


Open Source/Hardware Strategist

erik riedel

Dr. Erik Riedel

CFP Chair

Chief Engineering Officer, Flax Computing


Andrew Katz

CEO, Orcro Limited

Adam Fowler

Founder, The Herald Project

Srinivasan Venkataramanan

CEO at AsFigo

Marno van der Maas

Senior Engineer at lowRISC


Freyja van den Boom

Working on desirable AI and Data Futures through law, anticipatory governance and speculative design provocations

Mudit Sharma

Software Engineer

Viktor Petersson

CEO, Screenly


Jean-Paul Smets

CEO, Rapid.Space

David Gyulnazaryan

Independent Consultant

Tim Telford

CEO & Co-founder, Devtank Ltd

Tim Telford

Lesya Dymyd

Future Technologies Symposium Chair, OCP

Lesya Dymyd

Greg Chadwick

Hardware Lead, Low RISC

Allison Randal

Open Source/Hardware Strategist

CFP Committee

Tara Stella

Distinguished System & Cloud Architect, DeNexus


Rob Taylor

CEO, ChipFlow

Astrid Wynne

Head of Sustainability, Techbuyer

Gaël Duval

Founder, Murena

Lesya Dymyd

Chair, OCP Future Technologies Symposium

Lesya Dymyd