We are looking for presentations around the state of open source security to enlighten attendees about current and future initiatives, enliven contributions to projects and movements, and educate new and seasoned professionals on industry patterns and trends.

Our goal is to bring developers, operators, security engineers, and managers together to for a shared understanding of the challenges we face as a community, and the emerging and cutting-edge solutions we may embrace as an industry. 

Suggested topics for this CFP include:

  • 101: introductory presentations for people new to open source security

  • Community: groups and organisations moving open source security forward

  • End User Reports: how your organisation securely adopts and uses open source technologies

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance: the trials and tribulations of passing audits and ensuring secure development and usage of third party code

  • Innovation: new or emerging patterns, tools, or movements in the open source security space

  • Regulation: how governments and regulators are responding to the dynamic open source landscape

  • Supply Chains: attacking, defending, and hardening

As with all tracks in 2024, this track will include AI openness and the benefits and challenges of this relevant to track topics.
This year’s CFP is now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted content this year.  Our CFP Committees are busy reviewing all of the submissions and we aim to announce the conference schedule by 15th December.

Rebecca Rumbul


Executive Director & CEO,  Rust Foundation

Andrew Martin

CFP Chair

CEO and Co-Founder ControlPlane


Matt Jarvis

AI Director, Snyk

Rory McCune

Senior Security Advocate, Datadog

Chris Swan

Engineer, Atsign

Joseph Katsioloudes

GitHub Security Lab

David Chisnall

Director of Systems Architecture, SCI Semiconductor

Adolfo García Veytia

Staff Engineer, Chainguard, Inc

Nigel Jones

Opensource engineer, Open Quantum, IBM

Alex Bozarth

Open-Source Software Engineer – IBM Open Quantum 

Vicente Herrera

Principal Consultant, Control Plane

Meha Bhargava

DevSecOps Engineer, Citi

Stephen Augustus

Head of Open Source, Cisco

Sahiba Mittal

DevSecOps Engineer, Citi

Andrew Martin ​

CEO and Co-Founder ControlPlane

CFP Committee

Kris Bondi headshot

Kris Bondi

CEO & Co-founder, Mimoto

Sonya Moisset

Senior Security Advocate, Snyk


Eddie Knight

Shane Miller

Stefania Chaplin