Careers & Entrepreneurship

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This track will explore how to make your first contributions to open source software, becoming part of a community, evolving a living CV in a community, being hired, managing your personal brand, developing and managing a career, founding an open source business, being part of a start up and much more. In short, anything that relates to community and business development in open source. 

It will cover personal challenges like neurodiversity and overcoming disabilities as well as the mainstream perspective. It may also explore business models but these may also be explored in open source and Government, law and policy. Judges will be looking for sharing personal journeys and stories as well as subject matter expertise. 

OpenUK seeks to support a diverse and thriving future open technology community, with successful businesses in open technology. This and its challenges will be explored in this track’s session. 

As with all tracks in 2024, this track will include AI openness and the benefits and challenges of this relevant to track topics.

Matt Barker photo

Matt Barker


President and Co-founder of Jetstack

Carla Gaggini photo

Carla Gaggini


Senior Director, Global Events, Isovalent


Sam Hepburn photo

Sam Hepburn

Community Manager, Snyk


Ahmed Sobeh

OSPO Engineering Manager, Aiven


Michael Cade

Global Field CTO, Veeam Software

Tanya Dadasheva

CEO & Co-Founder, Ainekko

Martin Hickey

Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM


Michelle Mannering

DevRel, GitHub


Kunal Kushwaha

Developer Relations Manager, Civo


Emily Omier

Positioning Consultant, Emily Omier Consulting


Masae Shida

Staff Program Manager (OSPO), Vmware

Nithya Ruff

Director, OSPO, Amazon

Tatiana Botskina

Founder, Mintycode


Kelly Thibault

Executive Director, Secure Diversity


Salman Shah

Senior Software Engineer, Smartsheet


Jennifer Riggins

Freelance Tech Culture Journalist


Gavin Page

CRO, Sales Force Europe

Brian Douglas

Founder & CEO, Open Sauced

Jennifer Barth

Founder, Symmetry

Jennifer Barth photo

Nico Vibert

Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, Isovalent


Damian Ondore

Chief Community Inclusion Officer, OpenUK

CFP Committee

Brian Douglas

Founder & CEO, Open Sauced


Emily Omier

Positioning Consultant

Peter Zaitsev headshot

Peter Zaitsev

Entrepreneur and co-founder of Percona

Damian Ondore

Chief Community Inclusion Officer

Dominique Top

Solutions Architect at GitLab


Laura Czajkowski

Head of Community, DragonflyDB


CEO and Publisher, Linux New Media