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Software has eaten the world, but software doesn’t reach very far without hardware and open hardware is an emerging area of open technology. The data centre infrastructure that underlies modern computing grows significantly each year. Innovation in computing over the past fifty years has made possible uses and applications that often approach and sometimes exceed science fiction. 

Over the past ten years, open innovation and worldwide open collaboration have reached data centers – from chip designs, to servers, to electrical infrastructure and cooling – all being pursued in open collaboration among vendors, service providers, and enterprises. 

This movement mirrors what happens at the consumer hardware level – with students at elementary school exposed to programming and small-scale computing devices. The open approach has proven its value to support learning, quickly validate ideas, and more efficiently and effectively address the most difficult problems in computing today.  

Track Speakers

Lesya Dymyd

Lesya Dymyd

Future Technologies Symposium Chair


gael duval

Gaël Duval


Murena SAS

Andrew Katz

andrew katz

Joint Managing Partner

Moorcrofts LLP

Astrid Wynne Rogers

Astrid Wynne Rogers

Head of Sustainability

Interact & Techbuyer

erik riedel

Erik Riedel

Founder & CEO

Flax Computing

sen hastings

Sen Hastings

Software Developer

Phobos DPL

Rob Taylor

Rob Taylor



Tim Telford

tim telford

CTO and Co-founder

Devtank Ltd.

david Aronchick

David Aronchick

Head of Compute over Data

Protocol Labs

Jon Laban

jon laban

European Director

Open Compute Project Foundation

Aerin Booth

Aerin Booth


Cloud Sustainably

jakub Duchniewicz

Software Engineer & Technical Leader


Mudit Sharma

Mudit Sharma

Software Engineer



richard Hanson-graville

Head of Research & Development


deborah andrews

Deborah Andrews


London South Bank University

ben dooks

Ben Dooks

Software Engineer


Bruno Gallotta

Bruno Gallotta


University of Derby

Lesya Dymyd photo

Lesya Dymyd, PhD


Consultant I Chair, OCP Future Technologies Symposium (FTS)

Erik Riedel photo

Erik Riedel

CFP Chair

Chief Engineering Officer for Flax Computing

CFP Committee

ANdreas Kurth photo

Andreas Kurth

Senior hardware/software Engineer at lowRISC

Cliff Grossner photo

Cliff Grossner, Ph.D.

Vice President Market Intelligence & Innovation, Open Compute Project